New masking tapes added to the range


We have extended our range of masking tapes with 3 new products!

Masking tapes are commonly used during painting/decorating to achieve straight lines however they can also be used for jointing of protection materials.

First of the new products is the 14-day blue masking tape. As well as having all the usual features of traditional masking tape, this has the added benefit of being able to be left in place for up to 14 days without leaving residue behind when removed. Therefore, this product would make an excellent choice for professional painters and decorators.

Second is the low tack masking tape. This tape has a unique low tack adhesive that will not leave residue even when applied to wallpaper or delicate surfaces.

Finally, is a 2 in 1 masking tape and protective film! The product consists of an unfolded film provided with a masking tape strip. Once the tape is adhered to the surface, the film can be quickly unfolded to cover walls, ceilings and objects such as furniture to provide protection from paint splashes. Not only is it easy for one person to apply, but it is also much faster than applying the 2 products individually.

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