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The best way to help you choose which product is right for you is to see it for yourself. Therefore Proguard have created a Samples Book packed full of our top selling protection products.

Proguard Samples BookThe following samples are currently included in the book:

  • Protection board 2mm
  • Protection board 3mm
  • Protection board 4mm
  • FR protection board 2mm
  • FR protection board 3mm
  • FR protection board 4mm
  • Bufferboard 3mm
  • Bufferboard 4mm
  • FR Bufferboard 3mm
  • FR Bufferboard 4mm
  • Heavy duty card floor protection
  • Extra heavy duty card floor protection
  • Building paper
  • FR Megafilm embossed floor protector
  • Polypropylene floor protection
  • Premium fleece protection
  • Standard fleece protection
  • Breathable fleece protection
  • Protectall fleece

Should there be an additional product you are interested in seeing a sample of then please contact us and we can also include this.

To request your FREE samples book now please click here:

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