2 in 1 Drop Down Masking Tape

2 in 1 Drop Down Masking Tape


A 2 in 1 protective film and tape! Consists of a folded film provided with a masking tape strip. The film quickly adheres to walls, ceilings and objects such as furniture to provide protection from paint splashes. Can be clean removed up to 2 days.

The easy to use 2 in 1 film and tape can be applied by one person faster than if purchased individually.

Roll Size: 550mm x 33m


  • Apply tape, film and paper in a single operation
  • 2 in 1 application makes it quicker and easier to apply
  • Clean removable within 2 days
  • Statically charged for ease of masking
  • Ideal for efficient masking of bumpers or booth wall lining
  • Suitable for indoor use