Temporary Screening Prop


Temporary Screening Props are the most simple and effective way of constructing a temporary dust screen to protect areas from dust transfer. When used with polythene sheeting the props allow users to seal off areas in offices, homes or industrial sites during building work (we would recommend medium weight polythene sheeting between 200 and 400g).

The aluminium pole adjusts easily from 2.3m up to 4m with a push button and a twist action to lock. Additional stability is ensured with a non-skid, non-marking pad at the top of the pole which grips the ceiling, while the non-skid base keeps the foot of the pole and the sheeting locked in position on the floor.

The props should be placed every 2.5m to 3m (or closer if there is a lot of air movement). They are ideally suited for use with the EaziZip Door and polythene sheeting to create a complete and versatile temporary dust screen (sold separately).

Size: 2.3m to 4m high


  • Easy and quick to install
  • Adjustable height to fit most rooms
  • Reusable
  • Prevents dust contamination and reduces clean up time