Our Proguard Checker Plate PVC Runner Matting is a high quality, high profiled anti-slip matting with excellent resistance to oil, grease and chemicals. Diamond embossed patterned and flexible, the yellow mat is made with PVC which makes it odourless and easier to move than heavy rubber.

An ideal material for loose lay, long length safe walkways and work areas.

“Great product compared to other rolled protection materials as it lies flat rather than curling up. Also it doesn’t require fixing as the material is heavy enough to stay in place but also has the benefit of being easy to manoeuvre into a different position if required”.
Megan Forster, Coniston Ltd.


Thickness: 2mm
Length: 10m
Width: 1m


  • Excellent anti-slip properties
  • Hi-Visibility
  • Suitable for wet and dry areas
  • Excellent anti-fatigue properties
  • Easy to clean and hygienic
  • Good oil, grease & chemical resistance
  • High insulation properties
  • Excellent durability & resilience
  • Attractive 'checker' finish
  • Low maintenance
  • Free samples available
  • Made from PVC - no odour and easy to move


  • Ideal for medium/heavy traffic use
  • Construction Site Walkways and Work areas
  • Industrial, commercial or domestic areas
  • Manufacturing assembly lines or production/packing areas
  • Suitable for use in food/drink processing and packaging areas
  • Temporary Floor Protection
  • Can be cut to fit steps and walkways on site and/or on boats (provide an improved level of grip even when wet)


Technical Data:

Colour Hi-Vis Yellow
Compound PVC Solid
Hardness: [Shore A] 75
Weight:  2.75 kg/M²
Density [SG] 1.70
Tensile Strength: [KG/CM2]  80
Elongation [min] 200%
Minimum Temperature -20°C
Maximum Temperature +100°C
Resistance To Oil/Grease
Drainage Holes No