Impact Protection

Environmental Protection Range

As the global construction industry continues to expand, the amount of plastic waste generated by construction sites of all sizes is increasing. This amounts to thousands of tonnes of plastic used on building sites every year, which mostly end up in landfill.

With a growing awareness of recycling and environmentally products, we want to take the first step towards reducing the amount of construction site waste being sent to landfill. We can achieve this by working with responsible construction sites, professionals to help protect our environment, and offering a specialist protection service.

We help you protect your sites, but also seek to minimise damage to the environment by using recycled materials in the majority of our products and seeking to ensure our products are recyclable where possible, including card corner protectors, card floor protection and 100% recyclable Correx board.

Are you struggling to achieve your environemntal zeo waste to landfill targets? Find out more about our waste protection board recycling scheme, where we remove from your site and recycle it through our waste to energy scheme.