Temporary screening is essential for containing dust and dirt on all projects - whether it be a small DIY job, renovation work, or a large commercial project. 

Proguard's temporary screening allows you to partition a room to entirely prevent dirt and dust transfer and prevent costly cleanup afterwards. 

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  1. Proguard Heavy Duty FR Polythene
    Proguard Heavy Duty FR Polythene
    Proguard heavy duty fire retardant polythene sheeting used for surface protection, temporary screeni...
  2. Proguard Eazi-Clips™ (Pack of 12)
    Proguard Eazi-Clips™ (Pack of 12)
    Eazi Clips are used to clip polythene sheeting to the Eazi Props.  This helps to ensure the polythe...
  3. Proguard Eazi-Prop™ (Pack of 2)
    Proguard Eazi-Prop™ (Pack of 2)
    Temporary Screening Props are the most simple and effective way of constructing a temporary dust scr...
  4. Proguard FR Polythene Sheeting
    Proguard FR Polythene Sheeting
    Proguard fire retardant medium duty polythene sheeting is used for protecting furniture during hous...
  5. Proguard Eazi-Zip Door™
    Proguard Eazi-Zip Door™
    The Proguard Eazi-Zip door is ideal for creating a temporary doorway through polythene walling. Feat...
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