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New Product - Anti-Slip Recycled Rubber Matting

Introducing our latest sustainable protection solution, black anti-slip recycled rubber matting!

1 month ago

What Should You Use To Cut Temporary Protection?

When you're on site you need a reliable and safe method of cutting your temporary protection.

The Proguard Safety Knife is suitable for cutting and splitting most temporary protection materials including Proguard Protection Board, Proguard Fleece and Proguard Films.

2 months ago

How To Protect A Kitchen

Why risk leaving arguably the most valuable room in a property open to damage?

2 months ago

Proguard Flame Retardant Polythene Sheeting

The Proguard flame retardant polythene range is back in stock and available for next day delivery!

3 months ago

How to protect doors in transit and on site?

The key to preventing damage is to ensure doors are protected from the point of manufacture, during installation and until the handover of the project. 

Doorguard is an all-in-one protection solution which can be installed before dispatch of the door to site.

5 months ago

Protectapeel™ Peelable Protection

What is Portectapeel Peelable Protection?

Protectapeel™ Peelable Protection is a roll or spray on protection film ideal for windows and other non-porous surfaces.  It protects surfaces from dirt, damage, weathering and UV during manufacture, storage, transportation or installation. 

6 months ago

New Year - New Website!

The team at Beck have been working hard throughout 2020 to improve our customer experience and we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website.

6 months ago

Bufferboard - The Ultratough Surface Protection

Proguard Bufferboard is an ultra-tough, honeycomb plastic sheet which can not only be used as heavy-duty floor protection but also for creating temporary screens and barriers. Proving incredibly popular in the construction industry and used instead of traditional plywood, OSB and hardboard as it ensures surfaces can be easily cleaned

6 months ago

How do I protect expensive stone floors?

The Proguard PROTECTALL™ Fleece is a fantastic, versatile protection product which can be used on a variety of surfaces including hard floors, walls, windows, ceilings, metal - pretty much any surface. Not only does it work on such a variety of surfaces, but it also provides them all with high impact protection.

6 months ago