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Proguard Correx Rolls

We've seen the demand for our Proguard Correx Rolls soar recently and we don't anticipate it slowing down. If you're already stocking them, then we're sure you'll agree how handy they are. However if you don't, here's a list of the top 5 advantages of our 50m x 1m rolls over traditional 2.4 x1.2m individual sheets:

  1. They're easier to handle than sheets - then come packaged up neatly in a clear poly bag so customers can quickly pick up 50 meters of floor protection in one hand.
  2. The rolls fit into a smaller space, such as car boots - even if your customer has a van, there's no guarantee they'll have the space for a 2.4m sheet. These rolls easily fit into a car boot.
  3. They take up less space in your store - you can put them on shelves or make attractive displays with them, which is harder to do with the sheets.
  4. They require less jointing than sheets - the smaller the sheet, the more joins you will need to tape to secure the covering. Due to these being continuous rolls its obvious they require less taping.
  5. They are quicker to apply to large areas - to cover a large space quickly, all you need to do is kick out the roll, job done!


Our genuine Correx® branded Protection Rolls provide all the usual benefits that our Correx sheets do. They are manufactured from high quality, strong corrugated polypropylene to provide long lasting impact protection. They are suitable for a variety of applications during refurbishment, building and construction projects. We stock both a non-fire retardant and fire retardant option.

Roll size: 50m x 1m x 2mm

Weight: 250gsm

Colour: Black (non FR) or Translucent (FR)

For prices please log into your account on the website or call us on 01432 263598.

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