How do I protect expensive stone floors?

How do I protect expensive stone floors?
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How do I protect expensive stone floors?

This is a question we’re often asked at Proguard – Beck Group. Whether it is on a construction site or DIY renovation, stone floors are expensive outlays, and you want to make sure stone flooring remains protected and in good condition whilst any further works are carried out, especially as stone flooring cannot be easily replaced and any chips or scratches can be hard to repair. Our customer, Llewellyn Haughton from Kinorigo had spent years trying several different products to keep their stonework in perfect condition and they couldn’t find one they could trust until they tried the Proguard PROTECTALL™ Self-Adhesive Fleece. 

‘At Kinorigo we have tried several different products over the years, and have found that Protectall fleece is the only one we can trust to keep our stonework in perfect condition’ – Llewellyn Haughton, Supply Chain Manager, Kinorigo.

The Proguard PROTECTALL™ Fleece is a fantastic, versatile protection product which can be used on a variety of surfaces including hard floors, walls, windows, ceilings, metal - pretty much any surface. Not only does it work on such a variety of surfaces, but it also provides them all with high impact protection.

Why use the Proguard PROTECTALL™ Fleece on Stone Floors?

Not only does our fleece provide great impact protection, due to its self-adhesive film underneath and it’s anti-slipping fleece on the top it ensures that no dirt that is caught underneath slides and scratches the stone's surface. The fleece stays securely in place, requiring no tape or additional fixing and once you are ready to remove, it leaves absolutely no residue!

Other benefits include:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100% Residue-free
  • Reusable
  • Easy installation
  • Self-adhesive and non-slip.
  • Flexible material, ideal for wrapping around any awkward objects or spaces

You can find out more about the Proguard PROTECTALL™ Fleece and it’s technical properties here. you can request a quote online or if you are a previous customer, login and place an order today. If you have any questions, please get in touch

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