Protectapeel™ Peelable Protection

Protectapeel™ Peelable Protection

Protectapeel™ Peelable Protection

What is Portectapeel Peelable Protection?

Protectapeel™ Peelable Protection is a roll or spray on protection film ideal for windows and other non-porous surfaces.  It protects surfaces from dirt, damage, weathering and UV during manufacture, storage, transportation or installation. 

The liquid applied, peelable, protective coating dries to form skin-tight protection that makes it ideal for uneven shapes and surfaces. The protective coating will reduce the likelihood of damage occurring.

​Protectapeel™ Peelable Protection adheres to the surface via surface tension which means that it is simple to remove by hand peeling. Protectapeel is also environmentally smart, once removed the peelable coating is condensed into a small ball and disposed of as non-hazardous waste. Protectapeel™ is most commonly used for window protection during construction but offers protection to all non-porous surfaces.


✓ 15 litre tub
✓ Quick application for large areas
✓ Roll on or spray-on
✓ Non-flammable
✓ Ideal for non-porous surfaces
✓ Fully dry in 24 hours
✓ Can be left on for 12 months externally* or 24 months in internally 

*Please note that when applying Protectapeel™ externally, Protectapeel Top Coat must be used to seal the protection

The Process:

      1. Use the quantity calculator to calculate how much Protectapeel™ Peelable Protection Film you require
      2. Request a quote and site demonstration (free of charge within a 150mile radius of London)
      3. Place your order
      4. Our specialist protection advisers will be on hand to provide any technical assistance that you might require
      5. Remove protection and dispose sustainably

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