What is the best way to protect carpets?

What is the best way to protect carpets?
What is the best way to protect carpets?

When you are carrying out building work at a customer's home or you are refurbishing a property, it is vital that you use protective materials to ensure you don’t damage anything during the work you are carrying out.

Carpets are a major area that need protecting during building work as they can easily be damaged. Fortunately, there are several ways you can prevent carpet damage so your customer’s carpets stay clean and in good condition, no matter what type of work you are carrying out. Read on to find out the best ways to protect carpets during a refurbishment or whilst building work is being carried out.


How can you protect carpets?

  • Use polythene sheets
  • Protection Boards
  • Use shoe booties
  • Cotton twill dust sheets
  • Carpet Protection Film
  • Dollies with rubber wheels

Use polythene sheets

A Polythene sheet rolled up

One of the best options for protecting a carpet is polythene sheeting products, as they are 100% waterproof and are the perfect option if you want to protect a carpet against dust or dampness.

One of the major benefits of polythene sheeting is the fact it is cost-effective and made from a flexible material that can be used for all kinds of projects. It can also be hung up or draped, and it can be easily cut with a knife, which makes it perfect for all sorts of spaces or jobs.

It can be used when you are painting or if you are using high-energy equipment that causes a lot of dust, such as cut-off saws, grinders, wall chasers and grit blasters.


Protection Boards

There are heavy-duty protection boards that can be used to protect floors. These products are generally manufactured with an ultra-high density, and they are commonly used by construction workers to provide protection for floors, walls and other flat surfaces whilst using heavy machinery and tools.

These boards will help guard against floors from being chipped, scratched and damaged, as well as protect floors and carpets against any spills that may occur on a site. There are flame retardant protection boards as well.

Correx floor protection boards are a popular choice as this lightweight corrugated plastic is quick and easy to use, reusable and extremely durable.

The protection boards sold here at Beck are recyclable, 100% waterproof, and are resistant to chemicals. You can even personalise them with your branding and logo.


Use shoe booties

Plastic covering over some shoes

Everyone working on a refurbishment or building site should wear a plastic covering on their feet to protect carpets and prevent marks from being left behind on floors.

Construction sites can get muddy, especially when there has been a lot of rain. The last thing you want to do is to bring dirt into a new home or get mud on a newly laid carpet. However, by wearing shoe booties, this scenario can be avoided, helping you protect those precious carpets.


Cotton Twill Dust Sheets

Cotton twill dust sheets are perfect for decorators and people who are planning a DIY project. There is no fixing required for these sheets, and another bonus is that they are reusable and washable.

The sheets not only protect floors and carpets against dust but also prevent paint spills from marking a customer's floor as well.

You can find these types of sheets in various sizes, but one of the most common sizes is 3.6m x 2.7m.


Carpet Protection Film

Carpet protection film can protect floors from spillages and debris during building works, painting, and house moves, and they help to reduce the time it takes to clean up. These are just some of the reasons why they are commonly used on construction sites across the UK.

The Fire Retardant Premium Carpet Protection Film at Beck has a self-adhesive backing, which means it can be used on most carpets and carpet tiles to ensure it stays in place and doesn’t need to be taped down like other film sheets.

Other benefits of this type of carpet film include being fire-resistant and anti-slip as a result of its embossed finish, making it safer to use than some other sheets.


Dollies with rubber wheels

Dragging furniture, heavy appliances or boxes can damage carpets and floors. If you are carrying out work at a customer’s home, it is important that you move any furniture using rubber-wheeled dollies.

Using equipment like dollies to move heavy items of furniture will not only protect carpets and floors but will also help you safely lift these items without too much effort.

As this guide establishes, it is important for any construction worker to use carpet protection on a property that is being refurbished or inside new homes on a construction site. At Beck, we have a variety of floor protection and carpet protection products that construction workers can use.

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