How to protect doors in transit and on site?

How to protect doors in transit and on site?

How to protect doors in transit and on site?

The key to preventing damage is to ensure doors are protected from the point of manufacture, during installation and until the handover of the project. 

Doorguard is an all-in-one protection solution which can be installed before dispatch of the door to site. 

The hinge and handle areas are left accessible so that it can be installed on site without any of the protection being removed. 

The Doorguard can remain in place for the duration of the project to ensure the door remains in pristine condition.


  1. Protect your doors with Doorguard™ at point of manufacture
  2. Transport the doors to site. Add foam edge protectors if required.
  3. Install the doors with Doorguard™ left on
  4. The door is still functional with Doorguard™ in place
  5. Remove Doorguard™ for reuse or recycle with our Collection Scheme at the end of the project




Unique tab system - no additional fixing required

Allows door handle to protrude

Hinges left accessible for easy installation

High impact protection board

Flame retardant to LPS1207 - Certificate number 227a

Custom printing available

Available in bespoke sizes to fit different size doors.


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